Right on

To the editor:
Re. Recent letters to the editor by Lawrence Vide, Mike Altman and Steve Seifer.

Vide, Mike Altman and Seifer have it right when it comes to Southbridge Towers remaining under the protection of Mitchell-Lama. The increased costs might force many longtime cooperators to lose their apartments. What is to be gained by privatizing, other than the possibility of “making money” by selling the apartment?

They write about making improvements. What is wrong with what we now have? Our maintenance crew does an excellent job of keeping the buildings and grounds clean. Recall how quickly the snow was removed this past winter. They are immediately responsive to urgent and emergency calls.

We have the protection of the tax shelter and the protection of Mitchell-Lama regulations. I cannot understand why anyone would want to give up all of that, and more, just to have a chance to make a profit. Those who moved in here nearly 40 years ago did so to save money, not to make money. I have friends in East Midtown and they fought privatization from the beginning, and won.
Walter H. Morton