Robert T. Johnson, Bronx district attorney, says he’ll seek nomination for state judge

He’s been district attorney in the Bronx for 27 years.

Bronx District Attorney Robert T. Johnson has announced that he intends to seek election as a New York State Supreme Court judge. 

His announcement on Friday could set in motion the end of his 27-year career serving as the Bronx’s top prosecutor if he his nominated. 

“It is time for change in my life,” Johnson, 67, told the New York Post. He disputed rumors that his departure was due to a lack of support from members of the Bronx Democratic Party. “I have, over the years, enjoyed their full faith and support both personally and through many electoral processes.” 

But Bronx officials have floated, sometimes in the news media, the possibility of backing strategies to oust Johnson. 

The judicial nominating convention is Thursday, and Johnson said he hoped to be chosen. If not, he told The New York Times, he will run for re-election as district attorney.