Rocks now, water and flowers to follow


When DeLury Square Park opens in June, this 24-ton rock, left, will be the park’s centerpiece. Water will flow from the top of the stone down its face, cascading onto a series of smaller rocks and into a pool. The arrival of the stone early Wednesday morning was one of the highlights of the construction for park designer Alex Hart. “This is really the exciting part for me — I’ve seen it in my mind for quite some time,” Hart said. “Once the stones are in, it’s easy to imagine the rest of it.”The stone is called Summit Granite, but it is actually gneiss, not granite, Hart said. It will be the biggest rock in the park. “It’s a beautiful stone,” Hart said. “It has a lot of character to it.” Surrounding the rocky waterfall will be a lush landscape of flowers and fragrant shrubs, broken apart by curved walking paths. The 8,800-square-foot, $2.6 million park is funding by the Lower Manhattan Development Corp.