Solar-powered info kiosks pass winter test, Metro-North says

The kiosks will now be matched against the summer heat.

The MTA is testing outdoor kiosks that give subway, bus and Metro-North arrival times and can withstand the elements, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday.

Two solar-powered information booths have been tested at the Metro-North Woodlawn station in the Bronx since November to see if they can withstand a New York City winter. Now, the kiosks will be matched against the summer heat under the one-year pilot program.

“These kiosks have the potential for deployment in any above-ground station where running conduits for electrical and data connectivity pose a challenge,” said Metro-North president Joseph Giulietti.

If the kiosks do well over the summer, the MTA will consider rolling out more, though there is no information on how many would be installed, a Metro-North spokesman said.

The kiosks cost roughly $10,000 each, a cost covered by Transversal Business International, a transportation firm that partered with the MTA.

The kiosks get real-time subway and bus arrival times wirelessly and display the Metro-North schedule, with real-time estimates on the commuter line due later this spring.

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