Spa Castle in Queens closes after Health Dept. probe of spa pools

The jets are turned off at Spa Castle in Queens.

“The Health Department has ordered the closure of all pools at Spa Castle in Queens after an ongoing investigation found the facility was not following safety standards,” the agency said in a statement. “The facility’s pools will remain closed until a revised safety plan has been put into place, and the Health Department is satisfied that Spa Castle is compliant.”

The move followed a near-drowning incident involving a minor on Feb. 19, a Health Department spokeswoman said. That then launched a special investigation into the safety of the popular Korean-style spa located in Whitestone.

Investigators with the Health Department identified unapproved alterations of two pools and ordered them closed at that time.

On Monday, video surveillance of that Feb. 19 incident was reviewed by the Health Department, which showed “excessive suction by a water return feature that was sufficient to draw the victim toward it and keep the victim underwater,” according to the Health Department. Resuscitation efforts were “inconsistent” with what health inspectors were told when interviewing Spa Castle staff.

The Health Department said it could take weeks or longer for Spa Castle to reopen.