It’s never a good idea to double park in New York City —  especially if you allegedly have a car full of drugs.

A 23-year-old Staten Island man was arrested Wednesday after cops found dozens of bags filled with dope, as well as a loaded .45 gun, in his car after he sped away from cops who were about to give him a ticket for double parking, police said.

Plainclothes officers first spotted Steven Lopez, of Rosebank, running to his double-parked 2006 Honda Odyssey at 71st Street and 19th Avenue in Bensonhurst, according to police. Once they caught up with Lopez, the officers allegedly found a lit marijuana cigar inside the car.

After three bags of crack were found in Lopez’ jacket, the officers discovered 410 glassines of heroin, 131 ziplocks of crack, and one ziplock of marijuana hidden inside his car after obtaining a search warrant.

Lopez was arraigned on narcotics and gun charges in Brooklyn Criminal Court.
Attorney information for Lopez was not available as of Friday night.