Struck by car


A memorial left by a crosswalk on the north side of E. Houston St. between Avenues A and B apparently referred to a pedestrian who was struck by a car — fatally, according to the sign — over the weekend. Detective Chris Filippazo, a police spokesperson, said a white male in his 20s was hit on E. Houston St. between Avenues A and B by a westbound BMW at 4:42 a.m. on Sat. Nov. 11; the injured man was removed to Bellevue hospital in critical condition, he said. Filippazo said the car remained at the scene and no summonses were issued. An investigation is ongoing, he said. Because the incident was not a crime, the Police Department doesn’t have further information on the man’s condition, he said. A Bellevue spokesperson confirmed that a man with the same name on the sign, Isaac Freeman, was admitted to the hospital, but, because of federal health privacy laws, she couldn’t report his condition to the media without permission of his next of kin.

Lincoln Anderson