Sunday, bloody Sunday: Zombies crawl, party

A zombie — who looks like he might have taken a few blasts — having a blast in Tompkins Square Park. Photo by Bob Krasner

BY BOB KRASNER | It was a quiet Sunday night in Tompkins Square Park, just a little chilly. Although it’s getting darker earlier, people were still sitting on benches, dogs were chasing each other — and there were about 150 or so blood-drenched zombies staggering past.

Led by Kabukiman, a.k.a. special-effects makeup artist Doug Sakmann, the enthusiastic crew included kids as young as 8 and pros as well as amateurs.

The march began with Kabukiman leading chants in front of the Lucky bar on Avenue B. (“What do we want?” “Brains!” “When do we want them?” “Now!”) They continued through the park to The Continental bar on Third Ave.

It was the 22nd Zombie Crawl. Sakmann started the biannual event 11 years ago with a bunch of friends, and has watched it grow and get more elaborate each year, even picking up some corporate sponsorship along the way.

Blood was the new black at the Zombie Crawl. Photo by Bob Krasner

He estimated there were about 300 undead revelers (over age 21 only) at the after-party at Bowery Electric. They partied to live music and handed out best costume prizes in various categories, including Hottest Zombie.

“Things” were looking pretty creepy at the annual Zombie Crawl.  Photo by Bob Krasner
Never too young to be a zombie! Naomi, 8, was among the walking dead. Photo by Bob Krasner

Sakmann, musing on the success of the gory celebration, noted, “It’s a refreshing break from what is going on in the world. You don’t have to have brains to have a good time,” he added. “But they are delicious.”

For information on future events, visit https://nyczombiecrawl.com/.

Fun for the whole family! Photo by Bob Krasner
The Zombie Crawl meetup was at Lucky on Avenue B. Bar owner Abby Ehmann, left, and bartender Eeva were ready for the gory onslaught. Photo by Bob Krasner
The self-dubbed “Red Demon.” Well…everyone was pretty much a red demon. Photo by Damien Acevedo
Organizer Doug Sakmann rallies the zombie horde. Photo by Damien Acevedo
Doug Sakmann, father of the Zombie Crawl, sporting a ghastly Gene Simmons / kabuki look. Photo by Bob Krasner

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