Supreme Court passes on suit to overturn rent-stabilization law


The Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a constitutional challenge to New York City’s rent-stabilization law, which affects nearly 1 million apartments. About half of the city’s rental units have some form of rent protection.

The appeal was filed by James and Jeanne Harmon, who own and live in an Upper West Side brownstone. Some of their tenants have rent protections, which the Harmons accuse is a “taking of property.”

The suit was previously rejected at two lower federal courts.

In a statement, Council Speaker Christine Quinn said, “I’m pleased that the Supreme Court has refused to hear the case challenging the city’s rent-stabilization program. The court’s decision is consistent with longstanding precedent that affirms the city and state’s authority to enact these laws, which are an integral part of the city’s effort to provide affordable housing to New Yorkers. Now, the city’s rent-regulation system can proceed unfettered, as we continue to ensure affordable housing is available to New Yorkers.”