Talking with Adrian Bordoni of Woodside on the Move

Adrian Bordoni, executive director of Woodside on the Move
Adrian Bordoni, executive director of Woodside on the Move Photo Credit: 67 Wine

Adrian Bordoni has been working for years to bring new events and fun to the streets of Woodside through the nonprofit community organization Woodside on the Move Incorporated. With his help, the group hosts programs to complement the community’s ever-changing demographics while working to create economic opportunity for its residents and business owners.

How has Woodside changed over the years?

You still have your small business and residential areas, but you are beginning to see some new investments and new businesses opening up. There is a word out there that Woodside is an up-and-coming neighborhood. Now, you’ll see more people becoming part of the city because the area has this ability to make people comfortable.

Where is Woodside headed?

We’re sort of seeing and learning from other Queens communities. What could happen is you would have some sort of large investments in the area’s future that could spark a shift and bring in some new innovation. I could see us having some tech incubators and things like that to make Woodside a real hub of innovation and activity for not only Queens, but the entire city.

What is your favorite Woodside memory?

I have always loved our events and parades. Last year, we had a Woodside Memorial Day concert, where we worked with local war veterans and brought in all these musical performers. It was really great to see veterans connecting with the community and bringing everyone together. I thought it was a great way to feel good about saying thank you to those who served our country and community.