Transit Sam

Dear Transit Sam,

I used to take the W train to Astoria from South Ferry once or twice a week to visit some friends. Now that the W train has been discontinued, I’m not clear on what I should do. Awaiting me later this week is a longer commute, a longer wait and an even bigger inconvenience. How do I get to Astoria now that the only train at my stop is the R train?

Mark, South Ferry

Dear Mark,

Let’s try to look at it this way: the bright side is that you’re not as terribly inconvenienced as other folks in the outer boroughs. Yes, it’s an inconvenience but you do have two sufficient options which I’ve listed below:

1. The N train still services Astoria, but now runs local in Manhattan. The Q train was extended to Astoria from 57th St. and still runs express in Manhattan. So, you can take the R train to 14th St. and switch to the N or the Q train, whichever comes first.

2. Since you’re coming from South Ferry, you could also take the 1 train to 42nd St.-Times Square and transfer to the N or Q train from there.

Keep me posted on your commute (and that goes for all my readers as well). I want to hear about the good, the bad and the ugly with respect to the new routes and service cuts. I’ll also pass any feedback I receive along to the MTA.

Transit Sam

Dear Transit Sam,

With the school year coming to an end, I’d like to know if it’s legal to park curbside in parking spots with the regulation “No Parking 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. School Days?” I just want to make sure I don’t receive a ticket for parking in such a location. Thanks.

Tom, Battery Park City

Dear Tom,

Summer recess can mean some extra spots for parkers and in some cases it could also mean a ticket. Here’s why: camp programs along with teacher meetings also fall under the umbrella of a “school day” and can result in a summons. Be on the lookout for hints that indicate such programs or meetings are taking place such as children nearby, vehicles with teacher placards displayed in the windshields, lights on inside the school and so forth. Are you still not sure whether or not it’s safe to park? When in a doubt, park somewhere else!

Transit Sam

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