Tweed unlikely for Village students

The Dept. of Education is not likely to place kindergarten students from overcrowded Greenwich Village schools in Tweed Courthouse next fall.

John White, a chief of operations with the D.O.E., floated the idea two weeks ago of placing extra kindergarten students from P.S. 3 and P.S. 41 in Tweed. But Tweed will already hold 150 Lower Manhattan kindergarteners next fall in an incubator for the two new schools opening up Downtown, and it was unclear how the Village students would fit into the space.

This week, Will Havemann, a D.O.E. spokesperson, said that Tweed is not an option now for the Village overflow.

“There will almost definitely not be space at Tweed,” Havemann said.

Havemann said the D.O.E. would not decide until September which school or schools will take on the extra students from the Village. About 75 Village students currently do not have a kindergarten seat.

— Julie Shapiro