Village scares at East Ninth Street Halloween display

A headless horseman rides through the cemetery. (Photos by Tequila Minsky)

BY TEQUILA MINSKY | It’s safe to say that the Village is fully in the Halloween spirit.

A garden of terror greets any passersby who happens upon the Brevoort East at East Ninth Street, between 5th Avenue and University Place. Residents and staff have gone all out for Halloween with a headless horseman riding past zombies and two well-lit mummies in the spacious mid-block garden that is a veritable cemetery of horror. Skulls and skeletons are also scattered among the tombstones.

Halloween couldn’t be more fun for Villagers exulting in the spirits of the season.

Ghouls, skeletons, a zombie and tombstones abound in this All Hallows’ Eve “cemetery” of terrors.


Zombies stroll through the “cemetery.”


Skeletons hanging out in the Brevoort East garden.


Mummies hanging out in the Brevoort East garden.