Visit this LEGO DOTS installation at Brooklyn’s Domino Park

Photo: Donna Duarte-Ladd

Lego designers Peter Donner and Michael Provenzano have designed a cool installation at Domino Park in Brooklyn. This exhibit took nine hours and 852,220 bricks (and dots!) to put together. The designs are a replica of the popular syrup tasks that were once part of the original Domino factory. Visit as a fun family day out but hurry this exhibit lasts only until October 2nd. You can find the installation by the steam vent.

While the popular Tacocina was closed when we visited it is open Tuesday through Thursday and there is still plenty of fun and places to eat around the surrounding area. Don’t forget to swing over for the Sweetwater Playground that is now open and like all parks is practicing social distancing guidelines.

Domino Park
Photo: Donna Duarte-Ladd
This story first appeared on our sister publication newyorkfamily.com.

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