What’s the big secret?

To the editor:
Why have cooperators at Southbridge Towers had to use the Freedom of Information Law to get information every cooperator is entitled to? This information has absolutely nothing to do with the so-called “Quiet Period” where the privatization sponsor can not give out any privatization propaganda.

The information I am talking about is the letters detailing the deficiencies in the privatization plan (the Red Herring), which the Attorney General has sent to the sponsor (our board and its legal people.) The two sets of revisions (“Black Lines”) made by the sponsor in response to each deficiency letter and sent back to the Attorney General, were also not made available to shareholders. Upon request by several shareholders, access was denied. Could there be something the sponsor does not want us to know? What is the big secret?

The road, which has led us to this point over the past five years, has been full of misinformation, wild promises, and more. Many people have been taken in. Now the sponsor refuses to let us know what is going on with the process occurring with the Attorney General. One doesn’t have to be a cat to smell a rat.

A committee at Southbridge called the SBT Cooperators For Mitchell-Lama has been able to use the Freedom of Information Law to get the information and release it to the cooperators.
Steve Seifer