Who’s your favorite teacher and why?


We asked Downtown children where they will be going to school this fall, what grade they will be in and who’s their favorite teacher. They all picked teachers from their current school.

Jackie and Yadira. “They painted a lot.”

Max Hutton, 7, Tribeca, 2nd grade, P.S. 89

Tara [his kindergarten teacher], because “she gives us less work and plays with us more.”

Lily Cook, 9, Battery Park City, 4th grade, UNIS

Ms. Ager. “I like that she’s nice. She’s easygoing. She’s funny.”

6th-grade science teacher Kristen “was nice and sometimes gave out awards for being good.”

Christopher Gushee, 6, Tribeca, 1st grade, P.S. 234 (left) and Will Gushee, 3, Tribeca, pre-K, Park Preschool

Christopher: Carmit Corbin “took us to the Museum of Natural History and Mommy came and we saw butterflies.”

Will: Debra and Sara because “they take me to the park”

Daniel Mardkho, 5 1/2, Battery Park City, 1st grade, P.S. 89

Julie “teaches me stuff like drawing pictures and writing words.”

Ayelet Buckwald. “She’s nice and stuff. She doesn’t give too much homework. She understood what we were saying and stuff.”

Anamae Gilroy, 6, Tribeca, 1st grade, P.S. 150 (left) Bella Danieli, 6, Soho, 1st grade, P.S. 150

Both picked Peter Napolitano. Anamae: because “he teaches me a lot of things…. how to read and do different kinds of writing, he teaches us different animals.” Bella: “’Cause he’s nice and he’s funny.”