De Blasio forgets important details (again)

Another big Bill de Blasio initiative is getting mired in the weeds.

Ed Jaworski is one of many community leaders and everyday New Yorkers up in arms about the mayor’s plan to create affordable housing through two rezoning initiatives now under consideration by the City Council. A hearing on the first proposal Tuesday resulted in packed chambers and overflow rooms; a second hearing is being held Wednesday.

The rezoning proposals, meant to harness the power of private development and use it for good, have struck a nerve with many, some of whom are pushing for higher levels of affordability and a greater number of cheap apartments. Others take issue with granular details of the proposals themselves — how the changes will affect small but crucial aspects of neighborhood life.

Jaworski’s detail: The proposals do not explicitly define the term “character of a neighborhood”— a dangerous omission, he says, when talking about new development coming to a block near you.

It may sound familiar: a big, bold idea that would do the city some good is slowed by lack of attention to details. Now the administration is scrambling to get the proposal back on track. Otherwise, there will be fewer new units of affordable housing, but plenty of voter resentment.