Laughing off a Dietl mayoral run? Think again.

Bo Dietl says he
Bo Dietl says he “is not a political hack.” Photo Credit: Justin Bieber via Instagram

Bo Dietl is considering running for NYC mayor. At least, that’s what he says.

The irrepressible former NYPD detective, security consultant, occasional private eye and ubiquitous Fox News blowhard says he’s changed his registration from Republican to Democrat so he can run a primary against Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Dietl says he will appeal to Ronald Reagan Democrats like himself. “We need a strong, conservative mayor. The city’s current leadership has taken us too far to the left.”

His issue will be — what else? — crime, which Dietl says is growing and going underreported. “I’m sick and tired of hearing that crime is down,” he says. He cites a recent mugging of his son in the East Village. “My son said, ‘What’s the point in reporting it? It won’t help me get back my watch or my wallet.’ ”

He says he was almost mugged outside the Fox News offices and never reported the incident. “It was during the so-called Days of Rage before the two cops [Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu] were assassinated. I was at a bar with Sean Hannity and Geraldo Rivera. After I walked them to their car, three guys came up to me and asked where I was going. I knew what was happening. I’d worked as a decoy and been robbed numerous times. I put my hand on my gun over my coat and said, ‘I’ll put a cap up your [expletive].’ ”

So who would he appoint police commissioner? “I would have appointed John Timoney,” he said. In fact, the recently-deceased Timoney served for a time as Dietl’s chief executive at his security company after he left the NYPD in 1996.

“I like the guy who’s in there now,” Dietl said, referring to incoming Commissioner Jim O’Neill. “He’s a smart, hard-working guy, but he will need support from the mayor.”

To demonstrate his cross-party appeal, Dietl said he planned to have dinner with Joe Biden in Southampton over the weekend. “Some Democratic Greeks friends arranged it.”

Dietl later called to say that what he’d thought would be an intimate dinner with the vice president turned out to be a dinner with Biden and 400 other people.

Before you laugh him off as a showman with no political savvy, remember that’s just what people said about another unlikely candidate — Donald Trump, whom Dietl unabashedly supports.