Ask the MTA | Subway station improvements, passenger counters and broken PA systems

Ask the MTA station upgrade progress
Station upgrades at Westchester Square

amNewYork Metro, in conjunction with the MTA, present “Ask the MTA,” a column where MTA officials answer your questions about transit service in New York City. If you have a question for the MTA about subways, buses, commuter rails and more, email askthemta[@]amny.com.

Q: When will station improvements and accessibility upgrades be completed at the Westchester Sq (6) Station? Raven P., Parkchester 

A: Westchester Sq is one of 15 full-accessibility station projects we expect to finish by the end of the year. The scope of work underway at this 103-year-old station is wide – crews are installing three new elevators, staircases, and new ADA boarding areas while replacing platforms and staircases and adding a new public address system, fire alarms, security cameras, and digital screens. We look forward to delivering these benefits on schedule for 6 train riders.

Ajay Chilhan, Director and Program CEO, Stations Business Unit, MTA Construction and Development 

Q: Will the MTA install passenger counters on buses and subways and make that information available to riders, like on the TrainTime app for LIRR and Metro-North? Serena R., Hicksville

A: This technology isn’t available on the subways, but the MTA rolled out an initiative that allows for real time updates of passenger capacity on-board buses back in 2019. At this point in time, approximately 70% of the bus fleet has passenger counters installed, and you can see that live data on the myMTA app and the MTA Bus Time website. The remaining buses will have this hardware installed by 2026 as we continue to retrofit buses and purchase new ones.

Sunil Nair, Vice President, Zero Emissions and Fleet Technologies

Q: How can I notify the MTA when the public address system in a subway station or train car isn’t working? Greg W., Washington Heights

A: Riders have several options when it comes to reaching out to the MTA – in real time on the messaging platform WhatsApp (available in up to 108 languages thanks to Google Translate!), by tagging our handle @NYCTSubway on X, by calling 511, or by reporting issues on the MTA website via the self-service feedback tool. Be sure to include as many details as you can in your message – what train line, car number, time, and station – so we can best help. – Shanifah Rieara, Chief Customer Officer