Our wishes for the new year

Allow us to add some formidable hopes and dreams.

We all have personal resolutions for 2015 but allow us to add some formidable hopes and dreams as we all focus our attention on the year ahead and try to shake off the gloom that marked the year we just left behind.

May police and minorities stop talking past one another and finally have a respectful dialogue that results in better police practices and community relations.

May Congress spend more time actually doing things to improve the lives of the American people and less time trying to sabotage the opposing party.

May America get a raise. After three decades of stagnant wages, hopefully this will be the year that pay once again rises in tandem with productivity.

May the deadliest Ebola epidemic the world has ever seen end, and a strategy be put in place to ensure a quicker response to the next potentially calamitous infectious disease outbreak.

May New York’s educators, reformers and elected officials put less energy into fighting and more effort into working together to educate our students to their best potential.

May we go an entire year without an announcement that yet another public official has been indicted or has resigned because of unethical or illegal behavior.

May Pope Francis continue to spread his message of humility, forgiveness, tolerance and concern for the poor, and may we listen.

Happy New Year.

The Editorial Board