‘Why won’t it just stop’: One dead, one wounded in Brooklyn community becoming ‘a shooting gallery’

Detectives and police examine gun found at the scene of the Ocean Avenue shooting. (Photo by Lloyd Mitchell)

Yet another Brooklyn shooting resulted in the death of an 18-year-old and wounding of another man Wednesday afternoon, where there have been five separate shootings with three fatalities in a three-block radius.

Screaming family members were banging on the side of the ambulance in horror when they heard the teen had been shot multiple times at the corner of  Woodruff Avenue, near Crooke and Ocean Avenues in Flatbush at 3:27 p.m.

Police from the 70th Precinct raced to the scene and found the two men bleeding on the sidewalk, a hand-gun found near the two victims. The 18-year-old was hit multiple times, while the 33-year-old was hit once.

Detectives and police examine gun found at the scene of the Ocean Avenue shooting. (Photo by Lloyd Mitchell)

Both victims were rushed by EMS to Kings County Hospital where the younger man could not be saved. The 33-year-old man is said to be in stable condition.

Multiple spent shells were spread out along the pavement in the blatant midday shooting in front of numerous witnesses.

Police say the suspect, a male black wearing blue pants, about 5’8″, fled southbound on Ocean into a silver BMW X-5, its plate removed before the premeditated attack.

 “I got here as the ambulances were leaving, the police got here faster than I expected, I am glad they are here,” said Marissa Grinstead, a resident who lives nearby.

One resident commented, “This neighborhood is becoming a shooting gallery. Why won’t it just stop?”

Police investigate scene of yet another homicide at Woodruff Avenue and Ocean Avneue in Flatbush, Brooklyn. (Photo by Lloyd Mitchell)

This past weekend, a man was shot to death in the same spot on Crooke Avenue on Friday night, two people were shot on East 21st Street nearby, and on Sunday morning, a man lighting a candle for a victim at Parkside and Ocean was shot point-blank in the head, killing him instantly.

NYPD Crime Scene cops process a fatal shooting homicide at Prospect Park on Sunday morning. (Photo by Lloyd Mitchell)

Other shootings nearby included two people shot on St. Paul’s Place. Both of those people survived.

There were also other shootings in and around that area, forcing police to increase patrols, but it didn’t prevent this latest daylight attack.

This is the latest in a surge in shootings, especially in Brooklyn where police believe a gang war is ongoing.