Report shows when New Yorkers can get the highest price when selling their home

New York City Street Scene in SOHO
The Soho streetscape
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StreetEasy and Zillow released a market report showing that late April is the best time for home sellers to collect the highest sale price.

According to the report, 5691 sellers listed their homes in the New York City market last April, making it the most popular month to list. Homes on the market for the second half of April, specifically on a Thursday, can expect to receive 2.8% more or about $9,300 on their home.

Since home sales are more successful during the warmer months than the colder months, this was disrupted by the COVID pandemic for the 2020 home market, seeing a dramatic drop in sales. After that, the market during summer was slowly going along, even being successful in the winter months. Now, homes are selling regardless of season, but listing your home at the best time of year will impact the sale price. With the best and worst times to list your home, we see a 68% higher now than before the pandemic.

In New York City, homes were taken off the market within 88 days in February, 28 days faster than last year. Nationally in 2021, homes listed in April were sold quicker and for a higher price than any other month. 

Since April is the best time to place homes for sale, homes can sell for $8,800 more, whereas late Sept. is the worst time to list a home for sale; they can sell for $8,200 or lower. Even selling in November has been associated with a 3.5% discount on the sale price. 

For the complete report, visit www.zillow.com.