Q&A with Julie Reiner: Partner and beverage director at the Clover Club

Master mixologist Julie Reiner is the brain behind three NYC hotspots.

Master mixologist Julie Reiner, the brain behind Manhattan’s Flatiron Lounge on West 19th Street and Pegu Club on West Houston Street, opened the Clover Club at 210 Smith St. with partners more than 6 years ago. It is a favorite hotspot for residents of Cobble Hill and the rest of Brooklyn thanks to its elaborate mixology menu and popular brunch.

How does Clover Club attract people to Cobble Hill?

It’s grown in to that [destination]. My name is synonymous with cocktails, but over the years we’ve and a revolving door of great bartenders. There are people that come out here from Manhattan. So I think that over the 6 years, as the neighborhood has evolved, so has the bar.

Where do you like to hang out around here?

I tend to go to restaurants — Brucie [on Court Street] is amazing and I think really underrated, and they have great drinks. Also Jake Walk [on Smith Street] is great.

What would you like to see for the future of Cobble Hill?

We were contacted just before the holidays by Patrick [Watson, co-owner of Stinky Bklyn at 215 Smith St.] about starting a block association. I really like the direction the neighborhood is going. I think it’s becoming a very hip, fun place to be without being overly pretentious. I love Brooklyn. Weeks will go by where I don’t get to Manhattan. First and foremost we are here for this neighborhood, and that’s something that I love about being in Brooklyn.

What’s one thing patrons of Clover Club shouldn’t leave without trying?

As long as they order off the menu. You can get a glass of wine or a beer anywhere. We change the menu four times a year, so we’re using fruits and vegetables of the season — so as long as you stick to something on the menu.