Draymond Green Fueds with Kevin Durant ahead of NBA Finals

Draymond Green hoists the NBA trophy
Golden State Warriors celebrate with the conference trophy after defeating the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 of the NBA basketball playoffs Western Conference finals in San Francisco, Thursday, May 26, 2022. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant got into a Twitter feud Tuesday night in regards to their playing days together with Golden State. 

The argument stemmed from Draymond Green’s comments on teammate Steph Curry and his lack of a Finals MVP trophy although he has been on three championship teams. 

“Steph Curry got double-teamed probably seven times the amount that KD did in a given series. So when you watch those games and you say, ‘Ah, [Curry’s] numbers could be a little down,’ he’s facing a double team… These are real double teams… These are elite teams throwing elite defenders at guys.” Green said on the Colin Cowherd podcast. 

While the comment was made as a defense of the Warriors’ superstar point guard, Durant took to Twitter to respond to the claims.

“From my view of it, this is 100 percent false.” Durant tweeted out

The response led to some back and forth between the former teammates. After Green responded to Durant telling him not to get “baited into tweeting,” Durant responded with, “I appreciate the compliments but I disagree with what u said about double teams that’s all. I love the show.”

Durant, Green, and Curry all played together on the Warriors from 2016-2019, a stretch that saw the Warriors get to three straight NBA Finals, winning two. 

Durant won the Finals MVP both times the Warriors won the title together. 

Curry, while averaging over 27 points per game in both Finals, has not been awarded a Finals MVP yet in his career. He recently won the first Magic Johnson Western Conference Finals MVP for his work in the Dallas Mavericks series. 

NBA World Reacts to Draymond Green-Kevin Durant 

This actually is not the first time this conversation about Durant’s MVP worthiness has been brought up. 

In a press conference earlier this year, former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach, Ty Lue, spoke on the impact of Steph Curry.

“I remember in 2017 and 2018, we blitzed [Curry] still with Klay [Thompson] and Kevin Durant was on the floor,” Lue said after a Warriors-Clippers game earlier this year. “That’s how dangerous I think he is.”

The comments add weight to Green’s original comments about Curry being doubled more than Durant during the team’s finals run. 

On Undisputed this morning, Skip Bayless argued against Green saying, “Who was the guy they recruited because they crumbled with Steph as the head of their snake?” While Shannon Sharpe also agreed that Durant was deserving of his Finals MVP trophies, he also acknowledged “any slight, real or perceived, (Durant will respond).”

Nets Kevin Durant
Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant (7) reacts during the second half of Game 4.AP Photo/John Minchillo

Green and Durant Have Had History

This is also not the first time that both Green and Durant have argued with each other.

Back in 2018, when both players were on the same team, Green reportedly called KD a “bitch,” and told the reigning NBA Finals MVP that the team did not “need” him. The Warriors ended up suspending Green for a game after Green repeatedly lashed out at Durant. 

In the middle of a game back in 2018, Durant had appeared to say that “That’s why I’m out” after an altercation on the court with Green.

Durant ended up leaving for Brooklyn after that season. 

While the two future Hall of Famers have also gotten along and sang each other’s praises in the past, they have been known to butt heads like this before. 

In the end, Green and the Warriors are preparing for their sixth Finals appearance in eight seasons. Durant, on the other hand, has his Nets in a murky future following a sweep at the hands of the Boston Celtics in the first round of the 2022 NBA Playoffs. 

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