Olympic events in which United States often struggles

The United States may not fare so well in these events, based on past results and this year’s outlook.


An American has never medaled in the Olympics or a World Championship.


Europe has dominated in men’s canoe slalom (C1 and C2) and sprint. In men’s C1, a European country has won every medal but one (Australia) since the 1992 Barcelona Games.

Modern pentathlon

The best American performance since the 2000 Sydney Games in the five-sport event was a fourth-place finish on the women’s side by Margaux Isaken four years ago in London.

Rhythmic gymnastics

Russia and other former soviet countries have dominated the sport since its introduction in the 1984 Los Angeles Games. The U.S. has yet to medal.


The U.S. won gold the last two times rugby was in the Olympics — in 1920 and 1924. However, Team USA is no longer a power in the sport that returns to the Games this year.

Table tennis

The U.S. has yet to medal the sport, which has been dominated by China (47 medals) during the past 28 years.


With only two representatives, chances for the team to fly high and medal for the first time are slim.

Not participating in: Handball, synchronized swimming