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Inside the Color Factory NYC, a vibrant pop-up that lights up your inner child

The Color Factory, an experiential pop-up in SoHo that opens Aug. 20, gives you permission to be childlike. With 16 installations across 20,000 square feet, there's much to explore, from a ball pit to a room of floating and swirling balloons.

You'll taste colorful foods, listen to harmonious tunes and learn more about yourself as you discover more about color.

Using QR codes, the museum's cameras take photos of you in each of the major rooms so you don't have to mess with your phone.

The museum, which has the goal of waking people up to the colors they’re surrounded by in their everyday lives, was created by working with artists like Christine Wong Yap, a Queens resident, and Lakwena Maciver, a globally-recognized street artist, among others.

The pop-up will be open for a limited run from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, except for Wednesdays, at 251 Spring St. Visit for tickets.

Here's what to expect when you go:

Colorful sweets

Let's cut to the chase. There's a conveyor
Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

Let's cut to the chase. There's a conveyor belt of macarons at the "Pick A Color, Any Flavor " installation by Mille Feuille. That's a lot of joy coming straight to you in small, colorful doses. And did we mention there's a free My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream given to you at the start? Later on, there's a "complementary candy counter," where you're given two paired gummy candies to taste.

Pieces of the experience that come with you

Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

The "Wall of Buttons" invites you to take a button/pin in a color that calls to you off the walls. There's a use for it later!

Fun with colors

Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

"Complimentary Compliments" by Christine Wong Yap puts you face-to-face with a friend or a stranger in a fun game, where you must draw a color portrait of each other ... though the set-up recalls a prison visit.

A staffer demonstrates
Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

A staffer demonstrates "Sing Me High Sing Me Low Bring Me Back Let Me Go" by artists Lakwena and Abimaro, which lets you personally explore the relationship between the first and fifth note in a scale.

You'll be asked to answer a survey in
Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

You'll be asked to answer a survey in the form of a floor map (much like those you find on the internet). It'll lead you to your "secret color." You'll find out if the color button you chose for yourself at the beginning matches.

A woman spins on a disk at
Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

A woman spins on a disk at "New York State of Mind," by Andrew Kuo.

A color-changing dance floor

Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

"This Floor Was Made For Dancin' and That's Just What You'll Do," a large, color-changing dance floor surrounded by a sequined wall, invites you to bust a move to loud, piped-in music.

And yes, a ball pit

Inspired by the blue sky, the exhibit's huge
Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

Inspired by the blue sky, the exhibit's huge ball pit, which is so in fashion right now, is filled with 50,000 anti-bacterial balls. You can play around like a child, have your photo taken as you sink down and then pick up some free gelato, trinkets and a color map to the city.

Just don't drop your phone.
Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

Just don't drop your phone.

The map

Don't forget to pick up the map of
Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

Don't forget to pick up the map of colorful experiences. It lays out neighborhood locations where 23 surprises have been hidden, including a secret balloon cart, an ATM that shoots out fake bills designed with neighborhood landmarks on them and a small museum inside a freight elevator down an alleyway.


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