How to improve NYC transportation: Ideas from around the world

No city moves people through the night quite like New York. The 24-hour city has the best 24-hour transit network.

But building on that network starts with borrowing from other cities. Citi Bike and bus lanes are two notable, recent examples of foreign transit ideas imported from Europe.

“New York is not its own planet,” said TransitCenter Spokesman Jon Orcutt, who served as the policy director at the city’s Department of Transportation when the agency moved to implement the bikes and the lanes.

“We can learn things from other places and apply those lessons here,” he continued. “It’s really just about making something a priority and bringing a problem-solving approach to enact it.”

Other cities, like Copenhagen, are shining examples of better bike and bus infrastructure. London leads with transit tech. Here are some of the best ideas from around the world.