Daredevil makes death-defying leap over G train tracks

“Welcome to the NYC Urban Olympics – here we have Mr. WTF R UDoing…”

A daredevil made a death-defying leap over the tracks at a Brooklyn G train station—all while a camera was recording the feat.

A video posted to Facebook and picked up by the New York Post showed the great leap between platforms of the Bedford-Nostrand station in Bed-Stuy.

Commenters on the New Yorkers page where it was posted lamented the danger and recklessness on display, while others were nonetheless impressed.

“Welcome to the NYC Urban Olympics – here we have Mr. WTF R UDoing (representing Brooklyn Heights) attempting the Subway Long Jump,” wrote Mimi Brooks.

Another commenter said the video would only breed more bad subway behavior.
“This should not be posted. It will just encourage others to try it and no one needs that,” wrote Alycia Scott.
“Yes everyone is right stupid crazy etc but wow that is amazing I am sorry that’s pretty impressive,” Barbra Cintron added.

Jumping across MTA platforms

This guy is wild! [Don’t try this]Posted by New Yorkers on Friday, April 3, 2015

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