Metro-North bar car ends Friday

It’s time to say goodbye to the bar on rails.

Last call for the Metro-North bar cars will be at 7:07 p.m. Friday, when the last commuter train serving booze leaves Grand Central Terminal.

The bar cars — relics from the ’60s that sell beer, wine and a host of spirits — are ending their run after 40 years of easing the ride home for commuters. There are four bar cars still operating and the last one will head out to New Haven this evening. The fleet of cars that sold alcohol, which generated $357,000 in revenue last year, have been phased out for a new model.

But this may be a short-lived prohibition, possibly lasting a year as the Connecticut Department of Transportation considers ways to keep the suds flowing, according to spokesman Judd Everhart.

“[Gov. Dannel Malloy] is on record in favor of retaining the bar cars and we are making plans to do that,” he said.

Two options being considered are buying new bar cars from the maker of the new fleet of Metro-North New Haven line trains, Kawasaki, or to have a company retrofit six to 10 of the new cars to have a place for drinks.

“We are looking at pricing options and have made no decisions,” Everhart said.

If a rider must have an adult beverage for the commute, they can still grab a drink at the bar carts in Grand Central and take the drink on the Metro-North train, according to CT DOT.