NYC Ferry concessions offer everything from phone chargers to beef jerky

When Rockaway residents board the first NYC Ferry boat on Monday, they’ll be tapping into a brand new commuting option.

And while they’re on the water, they can sip beer, wine and cold brew coffee — all served on tap, of course.

NYC Ferry service will launch its Rockaway Route with boats stocked with everything from phone chargers to beef jerky and a variety of hard and soft drinks courtesy of the New Stand, an 18-month-old startup looking to meet every rider’s need.

“We figured out what the user journey is and how to get the most people through there to get their coffee in the morning,” said Lex Kendall, co-founder and COO. “We did a bunch of research on what’s the most important to people who use the East River Ferry right now and it’s coffee coffee coffee.”

Kendall said the company wants to focus on the passenger experience. “We position ourselves as a day-improving company,” he said. The New Stand currently has locations in the Union Square Subway station and the Brookfield Place office complex in lower Manhattan.

“NYC Ferry won’t just make commutes faster, it will make them more relaxing and more fun,” said James Patchett, president of the city’s Economic Development Corporation, which is overseeing the ferry service run by Hornblower. “We’re excited to be partnering with Hornblower and New Stand to support local vendors and offer great local products.”

Brooklyn Pilsner and The Gotham Project wine will be on tap. Joe Coffee will be brewed on each boat.

Mayor de Blasio has committed more than $300 million in taxpayer subsidies towards the NYC Ferry network, which will absorb the East River Ferry and bring a total of five new routes from neighborhoods like Bay Ridge, Soundview and Astoria online by the end of 2018.

To aid some of the longest commutes in the city, the Rockaway Route will launch first, from a dock near Beach 106th Street, beginning 5:30 a.m. Monday. The route includes one stop in Sunset Park before heading to Wall Street/Pier 11 during an hour-long trip.

One way trips will cost $2.75 and can be purchased through a ticket agent or though the NYC Ferry app. Bringing a bicycle on board will cost an extra dollar. Even though riders won’t be getting a free transfer to local subways or buses, de Blasio predicts the service will be a boon.

“This is going to be a new day for our city; a new chance for people to get around in a better way an easier way and it’s going to create so many good options for people to choose from,” the mayor said during a boat christening earlier this month.

Scroll down to see photos of the concessions.