Let’s all give a Bronx cheer to New York traffic.

The westbound Cross Bronx Expressway was the most congested road in the country last year, and especially bad in the evenings, according to a report released Monday by INRIX, a transportation analytics firm.

The reverse route, the eastbound side, ranked as the third-most congested road, mostly for the morning commute, according to the report, a global traffic scorecard.

Fifth Avenue, between 120th and 40th streets, ranked as the seventh-most congested road in the country last year.

All city streets, for that matter, tend to be crowded regardless of the time of day, according to the study: an average of 16% of travel time on weekdays is considered congested.

But don’t fear, it could always be worse — you could live in Los Angeles. The Big Apple only ranked as No. 2 in the nation for the most hours spent in traffic congestion in urban areas last year, according to the report.

New Yorkers spent 89 hours in traffic during peak hours in 2016, but our neighbors out west in L.A. spent 109 hours in traffic during peak hours.

And while sitting in traffic can make you want to pull your hair out, don’t despair — at least we have good bagels to keep us company during the ride.