NYC subway rides can be long and boring — so break out a board game!

Subway rides can be long and boring, and riders endure with the help of games, music or low-fi paperbacks. But, there’s another way to spend 20 or 30 minutes or even an hour: With your favorite board game.

Earlier this week, an image of three people on a train playing Monopoly garnered more than 1,000 votes and more than 100 comments on Reddit.

“You know your subway line is slow when you can squeeze a whole game of Monopoly into your commute,” one comment said. On the other hand, there was some speculation that the riders were hiding out on the train to take advantage of the air conditioning out of the steamy heat.

But there’s more at play than Monopoly. Which other games would suit your commute, whether you’re with a group or traveling solo?