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NYC transit wish list: Subway, bus, more improvements commuters want most

From crowded trains, to empty, bunched buses — every New Yorker has an idea (or two, or dozens) to fix their commutes that they’d love to be gifted this holiday season.

We’ve be soliciting commuters in our paper this week for their ideas. While, amNewYork doesn’t quite have the resources to make them happen, we’ve collected the comments here for one, big cathartic read.


I want the M train to do a
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I want the M train to do a full circle. Think about what that would mean. Triboro service in both directions and you could run local and express trains to make a full circuit even shorter. The best part is that there are already train tracks running along the missing portion of the M line. -- Rafael Sternbach

Signals that work - after replacing most if not all the signals on the 7 line, every Monday morning and Friday afternoon and almost everyday in between I get text alert of delays due to signal problems -- "David"

Subway service - the F should have an express and a local. The tracks are there, they could have both without much change, if any. The F is a very crowded line and a very long run from Queens to the end of Brooklyn. Would be very helpful to have an express. The #1 train is so crowded you can't get on it during hours of the day that used to have almost no riders. I don't ride that line one very often, obviously, only in case of dire necessity. -- Diane Martella

I can't understand after all these years with new people population increasing in the Rockaways why Transit won't give us an A Train that runs all the time on the Rockaway Park side of the Island. -- Zellete Cheatham

Riders who are not getting off (should) move into the car and not stop at the door, as if there are no other people trying to get on. -- Lydia Clark-Sumpter

Build the "Triboro Rx" subway - to connect Bay Ridge along existing freight tracks all the way to Jackson Heights, and over the Hells Gate Bridge to the Bronx along existing Amtrak/Metro North tracks as far north as Co-op city area -- Scott Webber

It would be great that the electronic subway signs at street level could display when the next trains are arriving. I don't know why they don't and only display ads! -- Ryan Molloy

PLEASE get rid of the old, outdated subway cars on the #6 train! The #6 line is overcrowded enough without having adequate room for those standing. -- "klassylady"

I wish for elevators at every subway station in NYC. Since I have had to rely on a medical walker I cannot take the subway because I never know if there is an elevator at my destination. -- "Linda Lusskin"

Please, please, please add more trains to the 4, 5 and 6 routes. -- "Brooke Raymond"

MTA should run the L train as a shuttle on each side of the river, providing much-needed transport. -- "Daniel M. Wood"

My transit wish list aside from Wifi is cleanliness I don't understand why most stations are so dirty. Once you leave midtown they are disgustingly dirty specially heading up to the Bronx. -- Nydia Montanez

Brown M train to Bay Parkway on the D train West End Line Station will be restored on Rush Hours and add Middays, Evenings, and Weekends in both direction. The W train will be extended to Bay Parkway on the West End Line D train station because the Brown M train to Bay Parkway on the West End Line D train station is discontinue. The Brown M train will be restore to Bay Parkway, the Montague Street Tunnel connection from Broad Street Station in Manhattan and Court Street in Brooklyn, and run on the 4th Avenue Local Line. -- Kevin Zeng

Car free zones around major transit hubs ... Return F express service to Brooklyn (extend the G to cover local stations) -- Michael Holley

Can our subway trains have more notifications on them, so people will be able to see which train is at the station from a distance? Now, when we have just one number or letter per subway car, people running up or down the stairs are unable to see which train is in the station, but just in case scream "Hold the door!". Cars on the London's Tube have notifications all over them inside and out. -- Eugenia Kazarnovskaya

Whenever the announcement in the cars says "Next stop is xxx Street" it should also say "Doors will open on the left" or "... the right". Then people will know which doors are about to open and either crowd around them or get out of the way. -- J. Andrew Smith

If you have a leaky roof, you don't spend money on an extension to your house. If you have signal problems and broken rails, you don't spend money on trolley car lines. Make the repairs to the system before expanding the system. - "Kramberg"

A direct subway @mta connexion Queens-Brooklyn. Extend the G or the M. Something ! -- @MagRahn


We poor souls that live in Stuyvesant Town
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We poor souls that live in Stuyvesant Town and the East village cannot get on the L train before 10 AM. We need reliable bus service on the M14 and the M23 during rush hours especially, and we don't have it. The rest of the day ain't so great either. -- Susan Neuffer

Bus rapid transit with dedicated lanes for buses/emergency vehicles only instead of the Brooklyn Queens Connector. It'd be so much less expensive and a lot faster to deploy. -- Scott Webber

I would love to see more buses between Manhattan and Queens. They should add more Q32s, (this is the only bus that travels west of 2nd avenue) and make some of them limited so they are not stopping every 2 blocks or expand the service of the Q101 and Q60 so that they travel west of 2nd avenue. -- Georgia Safos

I feel strongly that there should be bus service to the theatres. Return the M104 to Broadway. That's why they are called Broadway theatres. It's ridiculous to have six buses on 7th Ave and no stops between 49th and 43rd ... I daily miss the old M104. It was the best and most frequent cross town service I now have to use the M50 which ,at best, runs every 20 minutes and every 30 minutes on , weekends. Since the M104 and M27 are gone I am forced to use the M50 And there should be no more than a 10 minute wait for any service. -- Carmen F.

It would be great to have digital time at all bus stops (the same as for the "special" buses). Not everyone has a smart phone to tell them when next bus is coming. -- Gail Lerner

Fares and quality of service

Transparency - I should be able to see
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Transparency - I should be able to see my Metrocard transactions online like my Dunkin Donuts card so I can know when I have been charged for a transfer (now I know why they don't allow it) -- "Kevin"

Bi-weekly metrocards ... they need a comeback. Easier way to enroll in transit check, most new Yorkers aren't even aware the program exists ... fix the audio on the trains. -- Eduardo Estrella

Half-price fares for low-income New Yorkers! Up to 800,000 riders would be helped. -- @CSSNYorg

Free unlimited metrocards for all parents of students in low income neighborhoods. -- @RossannaMaria

Major attn to handicap accessibility. Unconscionable major fail to see so many forced to endure additional pain & hardship @_pamcampos

Commuter rails and beyond

Wi-fi on Metro North!! -- Debora Heslin PATH
Photo Credit: AFP / Getty Images / Timothy A. Clary

Wi-fi on Metro North!! -- Debora Heslin

PATH needs to up their standards like NYC Transit did - countdown clocks and wi-fi in the stations. They spent all this money on the WTC PATH Station, but on the platforms nothing has changed. -- Bill Beren

Have the Port Authority built the new Bus Terminal next to Secaucus Junction Train Station (sure, it wouldn't be a one seat ride to the City anymore, but would likely save commuters 10 minutes each way commuting, and free up so many acres in midtown for new development that are dedicated to the current Port Authority, bus storage yards and ramps, and Lincoln Tunnel capacity), and extend the #7 train there as well like Bloomberg suggested. -- Scott Webber

Citywide ferry service akin to the system in London. Improved service would grow property values along riverfront properties, increase tourism, and act as a catalyst for new growth while reducing strain on other transportation methods, especially if outer-boroughs are connected by ferry and with New Jersey. -- Scott Webber

Ped Path on VZN Bridge, train connections to SI, reinstating the North Shore RR, revisiting the destroyed East Shore RR -- @katieraffa

My wish is to never take the #LIRR again. -- @BetchyCommuter

The final word

Unfortunately, twitter doesn't have enough characters. -- @marciaherold
Photo Credit: Getty Images / Jewel Samad

Unfortunately, twitter doesn't have enough characters. -- @marciaherold


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