Report finds that New York drivers are better than New Jersey, California drivers

Manhattan with Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground at sunset
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The rumors are true: New York drivers are better than those in New Jersey and California, according to data from a car ownership app, with less violations across the board. 

“New Jersey drivers have 17% more violations than New York drivers,” read the report, which “analyzed 574,303 quotes from east and west coast data.” The report was written and released by Jerry, a car ownership app which helps customers shop for insurance.

“According to our data, 27% of California drivers have violations – slightly above New York’s 20%,” continued Jerry’s report. “From a country-wide perspective, our data indicates that 27% of all drivers in the U.S. have violations,” it said, putting California drivers around average – and New York drivers well below,  or, in terms of quality, above it. 

This comes despite a 2009 survey that voted New York drivers the “angriest and most aggressive” in the country. That survey, conducted by the Affinion Group, included 2,518 participants from across the United States, who voted that New Yorkers are the most likely to “tailgate, speed, honk their horns, overreact and lose their tempers.” Jerry’s data would seem to disagree.

Jerry’s report also noted that the most popular traffic violation in New York was failure to obey traffic signs  – most other states, on both the east and west coast, were most often cited for speeding – and that Massachusetts drivers have the least violations, at only 4%.