Riders Alliance offers ‘Subway Delay Action Kits’ to direct frustrations at MTA, Cuomo

Straphangers frustrated by subway delays are being encouraged to make their message viral with a new social media campaign unveiled Monday by the Riders Alliance.

The group introduced “Subway Delay Action Kits,” a pack of cards that can be distributed on crowded platforms and stalled trains with information on hashtags and Twitter handles to use when venting their anger electronically.

“This is not only an opportunity for our members to take action in the moment, but it’s also an opportunity to organize other riders,” said John Raskin, executive director of the Riders Alliance.”

Straphanger Carly Javouin of Brooklyn said she thought the campaign was a good idea.

“Our president tweets about everything so it seems like a way to get things said and out there to the people,” she said.

The cards encourage stuck commuters to tweet at Gov. Andrew Cuomo and sign the group’s petition that demands the governor “fix our crumbling subways.”

They also state that only Cuomo has the power to fund and fix the subway.

MTA officials said the Riders Alliance was “spreading misinformation.”

“The fact is that a comprehensive emergency plan to stabilize and modernize the subway system is underway, both the city and the state have been asked to pay equally towards it, and so far the governor has stepped up but the mayor has refused,” said MTA spokesman Shams Tarek.

“We also need a comprehensive solution like congestion pricing to reduce automobile traffic, get buses moving faster, and help fund the subways, and City Hall has refused to support that, too — we look forward to a change of heart,” he said.

Kate Albert, who rides the No. 7 train every day from her Woodside home said it’s impossible to plan her weekend travel routes because of all the construction and delays.

“I’m not sure if [the campaign] is going to help, but it can’t hurt,” Albert said. “I was born and raised in Moscow. You can say a lot of bad things about Russia but the subway works.”

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