These New York City school zones are among the most dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists

Photo via Flickr/Kt Ann

School zones are designed to be safer for those passing through them, but information pulled from the NYPD’s database shows that some school zones aren’t as safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

A new study released by Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo, P.C. sought to find out which school zone intersections were the most dangerous. Using collision data from the NYPD dating from 2012 to July 2019, the firm charted out which 30 intersections were among the most dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists, based on crashed that took place between 6 a.m. on 10 p.m., and plotted them on an interactive map.

According to the study, the most dangerous school zone was found at Manhattan’s 47 The American Sign Language And English Secondary School, located at 223 East 23rd Street. Although there were no fatal crashes in this school zone, it still accrued 79 crashes in total, leading to 45 pedestrian injuries and 37 cyclist injuries.

Coming in at number two is the Bronx’s Jonas Bronck Academy, located at 400 East Fordham Road. There were 75 total crashes there (65 involving pedestrians and 12 involving cyclists), none of which were fatal.

At numbers three are four were Manhattan’s Art And Design High School, located at 1075 Second Ave., and Manhattan Village Academy, located at 43 West 22nd Street, each with 69 total crashes. Each school has had a fatal crash resulting in the death of a pedestrian or cyclist.

The fifth school on the list, according to data, was Manhattan’s School Of The Future High School, located at 127 East 22nd St. The school racked up 64 for crashes, one of which was fatal. 

Click here to read the full report and see the interactive map. 

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