Upper East Side is No. 1 for parking tickets: Analysis

If you’re worried about getting a parking ticket in Manhattan, you may want to avoid the Upper East Side or Times Square.

A new analysis released Friday shows that nearly 600,000 parking tickets were issued to drivers who parked their vehicles on the Upper East Side in 2015, making it the top neighborhood in the city for getting smacked by a traffic enforcement officer. But, per capita, 19.8 tickets were issued per driver in Times Square, compared with only 2.8 tickets per capita on the Upper East Side. More than 400,000 tickets were issued in Times Square.

RentHop, a company that uses data analysis to rank apartment listings, released the report, which was based on the city’s own data and the U.S. Census. The New York City-based company analyzes a range of data and how it might impact buyers and renters.

“During the holiday season in particular, many renters and residents may have friends and relatives visiting who will arrive by car,” RentHop co-founder Lee Lin said in an email. “Perhaps this will provide some guidance on where and when to park.”

The company also found that high population density doesn’t necessarily mean that drivers are getting slammed with tickets: The Lower East Side had just 1% of total tickets for 2015, even though it is teeming with people. Another neighborhood where drivers are unlikely to get ticketed was Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the company found.

The city rakes in more than $500 million annually in parking ticket revenue.