Vampire Weekend MetroCards available at select Manhattan subway stops

Vampire Weekend commemorative MetroCards
The MTA is selling Vampire Weekend MetroCards at select subway stops starting May 20.
Marc A. Hermann / MTA

The MTA is selling MetroCards commemorating local indie rockers Vampire Weekend as they prepare to release their fifth studio album.

60,000 MetroCards featuring the band’s name, as well as photographs by Steven Siegel, will be available starting Monday, May 20, at 14th Street-Union Square and Grand Central-42nd Street stations.

The MetroCard is a cross-promotion between the MTA and Vampire Weekend’s record label, Columbia Records.

Vampire Weekend was founded in the Big Apple in 2006, while its members were students at Columbia University. In the years since, the band has topped the album charts and won multiple Grammy awards.

The MTA’s occasional MetroCard promotions will soon end, as the yellow trooper is set to be retired and replaced fully by OMNY, the tap-to-pay system. The timeline for the retirement is still to be determined, four years after OMNY was fully installed on all subway turnstiles and buses. An MTA spokesperson said this month the agency presently has no plans for similar promotions on OMNY cards.