Don't go to Ootoya for

Don't go to Ootoya for "dragon rolls" or a plate of tempura. This Japanese restaurant specializes in traditional home cooking in a set-meal style, known as teishoku. The restaurant has been successful in countries throughout Asia, and they brought their nutritious values and expertly cooked (or not at all cooked) food to New York (Chelsea, Times Square, Greenwich Village). The menu is filled with bowls on bowls, all served on top of rice. You can go with the Oyako Ju bowl, which is made with grilled free-range chicken and onion, or one of their sushi bowls, which are topped with assorted fish. If you get the set menu for an extra two dollars, your bowl comes on a tray with miso soup, homemade pickles and steamed egg custard. (Credit: Instagram/ @vanessaaxente)

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