Subway delays caused by wall collapse in Bay Ridge, the MTA says

MTA workers were called to the 86th Street station in Bay Ridge when a piece of the wall fell onto the track at about 5:30 a.m. on Sunday. Photo Credit: Obtained by amNY

N and R subway service was disrupted Sunday morning after part of a wall fell on the tracks at a Brooklyn station, according to the MTA.

A piece of the wall at the 86th Street station in Bay Ridge fell at about 5:30 a.m., MTA officials said. An R train entering the station hit the emergency brake when it made contact with the debris, they said.

About 30 passengers were on the train but there were no injuries, the MTA said. They were taken off the train without incident.


“We responded this morning to an incident involving debris from a wall becoming wedged between the rail and wheels of a southbound R train; no passengers were injured,” said MTA spokesman Jon Weinstein in a statement.

Crews were on the scene into Sunday afternoon, cleaning up debris and inspecting the station before reopening it to service shortly before 4:30 p.m. 

While the instance of an entire wall panel falling onto tracks is unusual, track debris is a common cause of train delays. Blocked right-of-ways on subway tracks caused 8,490 weekday delays in September — out of 58,413 total weekday delays, according to MTA data.

In May, pieces of ceiling in Brooklyn’s Franklin Avenue station fell, causing delays along several lines. Then, in September, a loose board protecting the third rail near the Seventh Avenue line’s 50th Street station caused delays that rippled through Manhattan.

With Vincent Barone