Verra Mobility and Renaissance Technical Institute unveil innovative workforce training initiative

Businesspeople working in corporate training facility
Photo via Getty Images

Verra Mobility Corporation (NASDAQ: VRRM), a leading provider of smart mobility technology solutions, has initiated a groundbreaking workforce development initiative in collaboration with Renaissance Technical Institute. The program aims to furnish New Yorkers with the essential training required to kickstart a career in information technology at Verra Mobility.

The curriculum spans a few months, during which participants will acquire skills crucial for supporting fundamental hardware and software-related aspects. This no-cost program is tailored to equip adults for fulfilling careers in technical fields, including roles such as processor specialists, command center technicians, team supervisors, and various positions within Verra Mobility’s recently inaugurated operations center in New York City, set to accommodate around 50 employees.

The inaugural cohort is currently undergoing training, and Verra Mobility plans to sustain its partnership with Renaissance Technical Institute to attract students and establish a consistent pipeline for future team members. Additional coursework will be introduced for individuals joining the company’s talent pool, with the expectation of hiring up to 35 people for the operations center in the first half of 2024.

“We are proud to partner with Renaissance Technical Institute to train New Yorkers to be a part of our worldwide traffic safety and mobility operations,” said Belinda Olivares, VP of Service Enablement at Verra Mobility. “We look forward to welcoming well-trained, highly motivated New Yorkers to our team through this workforce development program for many years to come.”

“Renaissance Technical Institute is thrilled to partner with Verra Mobility and share our passion for empowering and educating people to build better employment opportunities,” said David Hiraldo, Founder and Executive Director of Renaissance Technical Institute. “We encourage others to follow Verra Mobility’s example to participate in the advancement of our community and help inspire hundreds of students to get certified in careers and placed in jobs.”

Verra Mobility, known for its support of traffic safety programs globally, including initiatives like red-light enforcement and speed management in New York City, sponsors the information technology initiative at Renaissance Technical Institute. The collaboration seeks to prepare students for the workforce, providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary for successful careers and immediate job opportunities post-graduation.

“We are excited to give students an opportunity to launch successful careers while also giving back to the community. It also allows our company’s global operations to tap into some of the best talent out there,” said Olivares.

Additionally, Verra Mobility partners with local businesses to offer excellent employment opportunities for New Yorkers, further emphasizing the commitment to attracting the best talent for its New York City-based operations center alongside Renaissance Technical Institute graduates.

For those interested in learning more about this training program and how to enroll, visit www.renaissancetechnicalinstitute.org.