Chipotle $3 burritos are coming

#ChipotlePigeon anyone?

“Unnecessary ingredients in fast food are creepy,” or so says Chipotle’s press room, who has perhaps never before mixed every flavor of a restaurant’s soda fountain together. Necessary.

For its annual Halloween fundraiser, Chipotle will be selling  $3 burritos (i.e. boo-ritos), bowls, salads and tacos to anyone dressed in a costume with an “unnecessary” addition.

Just like GMOs, Chipotle wants to prove that undesired elements are just plain spooky. 

Unnecessary costume accoutrements can include perhaps a (sexy) rat with a slice of pizza, a squirrel with a mlkshake or perhaps even a pigeon with a boo-rito. #ChipotlePigeon anyone? 

Guac, which is hugely necessary, will not be extra. 

$1 from each purchase, up to $1 million, from the October 31 fundraiser will benefit the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, which aims to create a better food future. 

After the $3 boo-rito promotion ends, consider utilizing these Chipotle hacks to get the most burrito for your buck. 

Melissa Kravitz