Dirt Candy hosting ‘Solo Diner’s Week’ for singles near Valentine’s Day

iPads and stuffed animals are encouraged. Dates are not.

There’s at least one restaurant in NYC that doesn’t want you to dine with your Valentine’s Day date: Dirt Candy.

The romantic, dimly lit Lower East Side vegetarian restaurant is hosting a “Solo Diner’s Week” for those who would prefer to dine alone rather than with Cupid.

Dirt Candy chef and owner Amanda Cohen’s least-favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day.

“So tense, so full of expectations, so impossible to get right,” she writes about Feb. 14 on her restaurant’s website. 

In defiance of St. Valentine, Cohen is offering a special for those dining alone. 

For $65, solo diners get six mini-courses — not too large, so no pressure to share with your nonexistent guest —  as well as a glass of prosecco or a virgin vegetable cocktail to toast to yourself. 

Dirt Candy encourages tables of one to dine with a book, iPad (delete your dating apps at least for this meal!) or childhood stuffed animals, but those dining alongside another human will not be able to enjoy the special meal. 

Who knows, you might have a cute server.