Fishs Eddy in NYC’s Flatiron District puts politics on your plate

Politics is one of those topics you’re not supposed to discuss over the dinner table, but Fishs Eddy has coffee mugs and dishes that will let you make a statement without making a sound.

The Flatiron dish shop (china is too fussy a term for their fun, restaurant-quality pieces) is perhaps best known for its whimsical New York City skyline pattern, but they’ve also been plating up politics for years. Whether you want to have a perfectly themed Election Day party or just share your morning coffee with your favorite candidate, husband-and-wife team Julie Gaines and Dave Lenovitz have you covered — with quality stuff that will outlast Nov. 8 and your dishwasher.

“It’s not novelty — it’s really restaurant ware. It’s usable,” Gaines said. “It’s really great stuff, it’s not just souvenirs.”

And this election season, it’s appealing beyond a niche audience.

“We’re seeing so much interest that we’re on the verge of supporting Donald Trump — we don’t want him to go away,” Gaines said, before quickly adding, “I’m kidding. I’m totally kidding.”

The dishes — and the owner — might not be quite nonpartisan, but chances are something in the collection will make you smirk, whatever your political persuasion.

Visit them in person at 889 Broadway (at 19th Street), check out the store’s stock online and see a few of our favorites below.

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