Last-minute reservations: The best NYC restaurants to eat at tonight

Just because you’ve procrastinated on making dinner reservations tonight doesn’t mean you should settle. We’ve searched Open Table for the best of what’s still available tonight between 7 and 9 p.m. Act fast or hold your peace until next weekend.



22 E. 13th St., Manhattan

With notable chef Chris Jaeckle at the helm, The New York Times described it as an Italian menu with a crush on Japan “done so smoothly, you hardly notice.”

Party of 2: 8:45


41 W. 57th St., Manhattan

You can not get a reservation at Eleven Madison Park tonight (or on any Friday or Saturday night for a very long time). But you can get a reservation at Betony, lead by chef Bryce Shuman who was the sous-chef at EMP for six years. With three stars from The New York Times, it’s a pretty good second choice.

Party of 2: 8:45, 9

Party of 4: 7:45, 8:30, 8:45

Buttermilk Channel

524 Court St., Brooklyn

When The New York Times reviewed Buttermilk Channel back in 2009 (giving it one star), it reported the place was consistently packed. Not much has changed. Grab this one opening or hold your peace until next week.

Party of 2: 9

Candle 79

154 E. 79th St., Manhattan

There’s no availability within our designated window of optimal seating times, but we’ll bend the rules a little for our vegan friends and their dining companions.

Party of 2 or 4: 9:15, 9:30

Empellon Taqueria

230 W. 4th St., Manhattan

Notable chef Alex Stupak’s passion project which garnered immediate critical success continues to draw a crowd. We saw tables disappear as we typed.

Party of 4: 8:15

Empellon Cocina

105 First Ave., Manhattan

The slightly fancier follow-up to Stupak’s Taqueria got two stars for itself from The New York Times in 2012 and continues to be featured on New York Mag’s Where to Eat list each year.

Parties of 2 or 4: 7:30 and 9 for 2 or 4


402 W. 43rd St., Manhattan

The Italian seafood spot by restaurant powerhouses Mario Batali, Joseph Bastianich & David Pasternack got two stars from The New York Times when it opened in 2000, then three stars in 2007. Wonder what it would get now? Find out yourself before it gets even busier.

Party of 2: 7:45

Party of 4: 8

Kin Shop

469 6th Ave., Manhattan

In 2012, the restaurant told Eater, as part of it’s series “The Gatekeepers” that even a seat at the bar could be an hour and a half wait for walk-ins. Tonight, take your pick of availabilities.

Parties of 2 or 4: Open availability

The Lion

62 W. 9th St., Manhattan

Once so trendy, a New York Magazine wrote he was consistently told he could only be seated at 5:30 or 10 p.m., The Lion’s seats have finally freed up.

Party of 2: 7:45, 8, 8:15

Party of 4: 7:30, 8:45


9 Jones St., Manhattan

The first restaurant of the first winner of “Top Chef,” Perilla was a magnet for fellow notable chefs when it first opened in 2007, The New York Times wrote in its review, adding “you may have to wait for the buzz to die down.” You have now waited long enough.

Party of 2: 7:30, 7:45

Party of 4: 7:45, 8:15, 9

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