Marshmallow-only Lucky Charms are real!

#Lucky10Sweepstakes gives 10 lucky cereal lovers the boxes of their dreams.

Everyone knows marshmallows are the best part of every Lucky Charms box.

In fact, General Mills, manufacturer of the leprechaun-themed sugary breakfast item, agrees.

The company is giving out boxes of marshmallow-only Lucky Charms to 10 very lucky people!

To win a box full of rainbow, horseshoe and four-leaf clover marshmallows, all you have to do is share a photo of yourself holding an imaginary box of Lucky Charms on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #Lucky10Sweepstakes, from October 14-18.

The social media sweepstakes was inspired by Twitter users who expressed interest to @LuckyCharms that a marshmallow only box of cereal (without cereal) was a very good idea.

Another good idea would be winning the competition and selling the exclusive box for a fortune on eBay, ala Lilly for Target

Best of luck to all sweet tooths and entrepreneurs. 

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