New Maman Tribeca menu item the Quioche is half brioche, half quiche

Pick up this creation at Maman Tribeca.

If you’ve ever wanted to eat a quiche with one hand, strolling down the sidewalk as if it was a croissant, well, you’re in luck.

The new location of SoHo favorite Maman has opened in TriBeCa, and a specialty of the house is the newfangled Quioche. Half brioche, half quiche, it’s the perfect handheld breakfast, lunch or anytime treat. 

Here’s how you make a Quioche: Take brioche bread and mix in a rotating cast of quiche ingredients. Then bake.

Here’s how you eat a Quioche: Hold it in your hand, move your hand toward your mouth. Take a bite!

Everything you always wanted?!

Maman Tribeca is located at 211 West Broadway, and it’s open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day for takeout coffee and tea, pastries and light lunch and dinner or sit-down breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

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