Have you eaten NYC’s trendiest burgers?

Almost 9,000 different burgers are served in NYC restaurants.

A good burger doesn’t come cheap in New York City.

“Twenty dollars for a hamburger. Oh, that’s reasonable,” Miranda sarcastically declares in Season six of ‘Sex and the City’ circa 2004.

A decade later, burger inflation is still a real issue in the city– a Kobe burger hovers around $30 on many Manhattan menus–, but there are plenty of tasty burgers to be enjoyed without the huge splurge.

Seamless ran a survey in honor of National Burger Month to find which burgers New Yorkers order most. Results show that out of 8,767 burger options on NYC menus, the average price of a burger in NYC is $9.52. 

Among those options, important burger-ordering data shows the Top 10 Trendiest Burgers in NYC, based on increased percentage of orders.

  1. Standard Burger at Bareburger
  2. Build Your Own Barest Burger at Bareburger
  3. Cheese Steakburger Combo at Burger UrWay
  4. Cheeseburger at Mikey’s Burger
  5. Bacon Cheese Steakburger Combo at Burger UrWay
  6. Fred’s 8 oz. Burger at Fred’s
  7. Turkey Classic Burger with Cheese at Harlem Shake
  8. Double Cheeseburger at Mikey’s Burger
  9. Masterpiece Burger at Black Iron Burger
  10. Loving Hut Burger at Loving Hut

But are the trendiest burgers in NYC really the best?

Check out our best burgers infographic to vote for an old favorite or discover the burger that’s soon to be trending in your mouth.

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