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Oreo Thins: A new and superior cookie is here

Oreo Thins hit the market on July 13,

Oreo Thins hit the market on July 13, 2015. Photo Credit: GEORGIA KRAL

The moment we've all been waiting for: delicate and thin Oreos, not unlike wafers, are here. Never again will you have to crunch through too thick an Oreo cookie to get to the creamy filling.

Yes, Oreo Thins are real and will be available nationwide July 13 in Mint, Golden and Original flavors. Each one clocks in at 7.5mm thick (instead of 12.5mm) and a package is $4.59.

We got an early taste and here are the reaons why thinner is better:

1: Less cookie means you can eat more cookies (Four thin Oreos are 140 calories and 3 regular Oreos are 160 calories.

2: Less cookie means the "creme" (cream) is creamier

3: The thinner cookies are wafer-like, leaving less cookie resident in your teath and providing a more nuanced "mouthfeel"

4: In this age of culinary balance, there is just a better balance between cookie and filling to be found in Oreo Thins


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