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Every New Yorker needs a Pizza Pouch

So cute! So practical! Who wouldn't want a

So cute! So practical! Who wouldn't want a pizza pouch? Photo Credit: Stupidiotic

Finally, somewhere to safely stow that extra slice.

You may have failed at finishing a pie or just over done it with two dollar slices, but there's no reason to let your leftover slice go to waste.

Forget the cardboard box.

Portable Pizza Pouch, the best invention since pizza delivery, according to creator Stupidiotic, offers a stylish and practical way to care that extra slice. 

The PPP is "a durable zip-lock sealing neck-strap pie slice device," explains the Stupidiotic website.

Under a winter jacket, the PPP may also be a great way to warm up in upcoming cold weather. Personal pizza heaters, anyone? 

This oversize plastic necklace costs $8, plus shipping.

Next up: Takeout Chinese food container pendants. We wish we could keep leftover General Tso's and fried rice so close to our mouths! And hearts. 

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